The Unity opened her eyes, and from her eyes stars flocked like birds.
She breathed out, and her breath became the sun, a shining light that went from her and took a place amidst the stars.
She opened her left hand, in which She had held the moon.
She opened her right hand, in which She had held the earth.
And from her left side She created a daughter. She presented the earth to her.
And from her right side She created a son. She presented the moon to him.
The Unity took the earth and there she created fiery mountains and with her hands she filled the valleys with the waters of infinity. From water and fire she created trees and shrubbery, all the plants, all the animals on the land and all the animals at sea.
And to the Goddess, her daugher, she said: I give you the earth and I ask that you will remember me in all you do. Remember me in the trees and in the plants, in the animals on the land and the animals at sea. I give you these, so that they may serve you, and those that serve you are a part of me and I will remember them at the time of return.
And to her son she said: I give you the moon as an instrument, so that you may guard over your sister and show her the light until the end of time, when we will all be together again.
However, the God beheld the moon he had been given and complained bitterly. What is this infertile land? he said. It is as a mirror that shows nothing and merely reflects the light, this barren land is like dust between the stars, dust piled on dust. Where are my mountains, where are my valleys? Where are the rivers to replenish the thirsty?
The Unity heard him and said: I gave the earth to your sister to guard over, I gave you the moon and you were charged to help your sister with her task. The moon is a mirror that shines eternally. Control her and serve your sister. Let the light shine where it is needed. Take the water that is on the earth and wash the earth, do not let the living beings dwell in dust and drought, help all that lives and all that is to find their way to the Love and the Beauty. Stand at your sister’s side whatever she may do, and in your vigil I will be visible.
The Unity overflowed with love for the Goddess, and in the midst of all that was alive, she placed people so that they could help her care for the abundance that was all around.
Now the Goddess created daughters and in the people they made an altar to honour the Unity. And the Goddess spoke to her daughters: Be a guide to the people and do not let them go astray. Lead all people back to their destination, where they shall be at one with the Unity, the eternal Mother-Father.
The Moon God fell silent and seemed humble, but in his heart he felt resentful. He watched the people on the earth and how they worshipped the Goddess and thus honoured the Unity in all that they did. He watched the daughters of the Goddess as they guided the people towards the Unity, he saw the happiness that was in returning to Her. And he made himself sons, and he spoke to them: Make your bed with the people, at the feet of the daughters. Show the daughters of the Goddess the beauty of my mirror. Make new desirable things on this earth. Reflect the light and illuminate all that the people shall lose once they’ve reached their destination. Lament what they have desired and shall leave behind, so that they will not want to listen to their guides and go on eternally. Turn their hearts from the desire of returning, show them the Beauty and show them the Love, but never at the same time, so that they will want to go ever onwards. And in their restless wandering they will not serve my sister but they will be my servants only.
The Unity knew the jealousy of the Moon God, and she knew the goodness of the Earth Goddess, and she spoke: I am the beginning and the ending, I am the ocean in which everything finds its destination. In all that the people do they shall find me as they do find you. The Heart, in which I am present, will always return to me. The daughters of the Goddess and the sons of the God, all are loved equally by me and the sons shall serve me same as the daughters shall. At the altars the daughter have erected in the people, I place the blood of my Heart, and the sons will show how I am visible in every drop. The people will be the messengers between you. As the daughters will help the people return to the source, the sons will show the ways the people may go. And at the end of time all the sons and all the daughters will return to where I am; at the end of times all blood shall return to the source; and when we are all one, at the end of time, there will be peace at the centre.