Man is a body that thinks. Thought makes the body small, the body thinks the mind infinite. In the confinement of the body Mankind thinks itself the centre of the world. But the world of the people is not the world of the Gods, the people are in-between. The people are of the Gods, they come from them and they return to them, but they are not Gods.

The body thinks the thinking. Body and mind are one and learn from each other. The body is the gate to the place where thoughts are made. Thinking is like a fire that burns ever brighter. The body has ignited the fire and will not extinguish it. Those who hear and judge the thoughts, are the same ones that can’t ignore the thoughts. The thoughts are themselves until they part for the return to the Unity.

The undying and unmovable Heart lives where the body lives, but she is not the body. She is the water that shall return to the ocean. The Heart shows what is great and will always be great. The Heart is of the Unity, she comes from Her, returns to Her, and will part from Her again. The light will shine, it won’t ever not shine.

The Heart always returns to the Perfection, even when she makes the body her home. In her shall be Beauty and Desire.