Times are strange, you need to get a grip on things. What can you hold on to when all that once was solid dissolves into air? This is why we created The Faith of Eleima. New laws based on the wisdom of old. We need to find our friends and not think of the others as enemies. We need to consume less and love more. Change is now, not tomorrow or next week.

A seagull represents the naked truth

Learn what can be learned. Be one with the people and seek no desires that harm them. Treat all that lives and all that is as equal.
Give charity if you can. Do not do business with greedy people and do not entrust leadership to them. Covet what you need and avoid that which is no better than what you already have. Cherish the good, avoid evil.

Life in the West offers material wealth and spiritual poverty. It offers loud politics and cheap fashion, but it doesn't allow you to blossom. So, let's change this world around.

I shared a vagrant optimism that some of us were making real progress and that we had taken an honest road. At the same time, I felt that the life we were leading was a lost cause, that we were all kidding ourselves on a senseless odyssey. It was the tension between those two poles - a restless idealism on one hand and a sense of impending doom on the other - that kept me going.
— (Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary)
As for the future, we must not stand ridiculously with arms folded, rather, we must act in accordance with what we presume to be beyond reproach, trying with all our might to contribute to the general good.
— (Gottfried Leibnitz, 1646 - 1716)

Scarcity is not a fact

All societies are organised around a form of belief. The reigning way of thinking has everyone believe in power, wealth, and the necessity of work; and most of all in scarcity. There is a belief that there’s not enough food, not enough riches, and not enough love. The individual members of our societies are brainwashed into thinking scarcity is a fact, but scarcity is not a fact, it’s merely a belief - it’s a choice. And this belief in scarcity has created an endless, self-propagating cycle of possessiveness and destruction. We need another kind of belief, and we need it now.

There is an alternative

What would happen if all of us would start to feel we’re responsible for everybody else? What would happen if people would start to believe that a certain amount of prosperity is needed to be happy - but they’d agree this prosperity is only of merit if it is to the benefit of all? Would it be wrong if we could organise society around the wealth available naturally instead of around pillage, war and hunger? Would it be wrong if we could believe love is not scarce and people are free to love as many people as they’d like, in the way they like best, without fear or shame? Would it be so bad if we would truly treat the others as equals and accept the consequences of that? - of course it wouldn’t.

The voodoo life is what awaits us if we don't take care

We need to change this world around - now!

According to the World Wildlife Fund’s 2016 Living Planet Report, over the last four decades the international animal population was reduced by nearly 60%. More than a billion fewer birds inhabit North America today compared to 40 years ago. In Britain, certain iconic species (grey partridges, tree sparrows, etc) have fallen by 90%. In Germany, flying insects have declined by 76% over the past 27 years. Almost half of Borneo’s orangutans died or were removed between 1999 and 2015. Elephant numbers have dropped by 62% in a decade, with on average one adult killed by poachers every 15 minutes. (Source: The Guardian, read full article). We can’t allow for this any longer, as a species we need to change. To be able to change, we need a new belief with a new set of guidelines. Come join the Faith of Eleima.

The inner revolution

What you do as an individual does matter. What each person does for themselves has consequences for that person and for the environment around them. Through our actions we change the way we are seen and we set an example to others how they can be seen. We need to define again what we stand for. That is why we need a new Faith, the Faith of Eleima.

The great European peoples are constantly on the point of being driven against one another, although these attempts are against humanity and cannot be justified by even the slightest pretext of being in the interest of the people.
— International Socialist Movement, emergency meeting in Basel, Switzerland, 1912
Some creatures are more like sheep than others - indeed, some of them actually are sheep.
— (Anthony Gottlieb, 'The dream of enlightenment')