Is this you?

You're out in the world, living your life.

You're there, walking around, reading, looking at the sky and wondering if you should go out.

You've felt better, but then you probably also felt much worse.

You're not doing so bad, it's just that there's always something rumbling, like thunder on the horizon.

Are you lost?

There is an emptiness, a hollow feeling.

You are a body that generates feelings and thoughts, but is that really you? We are all merely fragments of an 'I' floating through a Universe of 'you'.

What is there of substance to hold on to? 



When you think of yourself as a single individual among strangers, even the sunniest places are forever cold and lonely.

You shouldn't let yourself be numbed by these beliefs of a man-made world. Inside of you, you carry a fragment of the Divine.

We feel welcomed into the world only through connection. A connection to the reality of the Gods.

It is through the Gods that we are connected to the mystery of the life that surrounds us.

Do not believe that the future is fixed, do not despair that the future is uncertain. The future is neither entirely dependent upon us, nor is it entirely independent from us. Focus your attention on your good labour not on its fruits. Let attachment go and regard success as equal to failure, without suffering from a lack of vigour. Transcend contradictions and direct your attention to the Heart at the centre.
— From the book Otropos

Travelling towards a new Utopia

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The West is in trouble.

We need a new language. We can only think about our world if we have words to think with.

The Faith of Eleima is a language to enable change.

Why not choose happiness and leave suffering behind? You are offered hope, why choose despair? We can use this Faith to create The Good Life.

If you’re thinking this sounds suspiciously like searching for a new Utopia, consider this: The term ‘Utopia’ is just a word, but it’s a word that points towards a brighter future.



Love whom you will, in whatever way you wish, and wherever you want. No need to be scared, don't let yourself be rebuffed. You are beautiful. If you allow your beauty to shine, you will set an example to others how they may be seen.


A Philosophy for Daily Life

∆ Avoid all violent acts ∆ For food, eat plants ∆ Only buy things 2nd hand and used

∆ Love whom you will ∆ Share the good

∆ Act kind and gentle

∆ At the end of the day, say this prayer: “May everyone live, may everyone die.”


The Faith of Eleima is a philosophy for everyday life. You are a messenger to the Gods and the practice of delivering your messages is what makes you feel this is so.

The Faith is not about belief, you have to act on it. You can connect to the Godhead we call The Unity, and then act with the wellbeing of the entire world at heart.


A Faith of practice not just of words

There is a driving force out in the world. This force has been called many names. It is a mystery to us.

We have to learn how to navigate the mystery. For this, we can make kindness and friendship our guide.

We can learn, we are clever and smart. We just need a new language. The Faith of Eleima gives you that language.

Now it is up to you to learn how to speak the words.


You are a messenger to the Gods


These are the guidelines for preparing your messages

“Learn what can be learned, and in this learning lies the reward. Do not fear the things that cannot be learned but which come only with experience. Seek the experience, investigate everything.”

“Undertake all your endeavours without effort. Do not fight for that which can be given voluntarily.”

“Be one with the people and seek no desires that harm them, because all harm shall be harm to the self.”

“Seek the company of good people. Do not battle the ignorant.”

“Treat all that lives and all that is as equal. Treat what is smaller as that which is greater, and treat that which is greater as a loved one. Treat a loved one as a friend, and an enemy as a lost friend.”

“Do not hold a grudge, for grudges obscure the sincere desires and cause the Heart to grow bitter.”

“Give charity if you can and do not borrow money from the rich. Do not do business with greedy people and do not entrust leadership to them.”

“Do not be worrisome, because a person is not determined by their worries. Worries merely take the colour out of life and make all days tasteless.”

“Covet what you need and avoid that which is no better than what you already have.”

“Cherish the good, avoid evil.”


Love really is all around and there is beauty everywhere.jpeg
This self obsession is a waste of living. It could be spend in surviving things, appreciating nature, nurturing kindness and friendship. And dancing!
— Jim Jarmusch, 'Only lovers left alive'

Do not be worrisome, because a person is not determined by their worries. Worries merely take the color out of life and make all days tasteless.

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Why faith?

You can’t just oppose the world, you have to know what you positively stand for. You need Faith to be able to act in a way that causes meaningful change.

‘Faith’ means commitment, desires, plans and motivational stances, positive attitudes, and a disposition to act.

We are surrounded by forces we do not understand, be they Demons or spirits. Put your trust in the Goddess Eleima instead.


At the beginning of time stands the Godhead we call The Unity. From The Unity have come Kelaino, the God of the Material World, and Eleima, the Goddess of the Invisible World.

Kelaino was jealous of Eleima, and in a great war between these Gods, life on earth was nearly destroyed. When the Gods finally made their peace, they created a new race of people. We are that people, the fourth race.

In this world we battle against the Snake of Chaos. While doing battle, we send messages to the Gods. Our messages teach the Gods, and the Gods show us what they have learned, so that we may learn from the Gods.

At the end of time, the Goddess will guide the people back to The Unity. The fragmented world will be made whole again. There will be a greater peace, and all people will be like stars in the brow of the Godhead we call The Unity.

Living by the guidelines the Goddess Eleima has given in the holy book Otropos, we will create order where there is chaos. When we do this, here on earth, we can have a taste of the life that awaits us at the end of time.


Mag Ela talks about the revelation of the Godhead we call The Unity. Understanding and accepting the presence of The Unity shows a way out of the madness of our violent society.



Read ‘Have Faith, or How to Build Your Micro-Utopia and Save the Planet’, by Mag Ela

In 'Have Faith' Mag Ela writes about the lost language with which to talk about the role that Gods and spirits play in ruling our lives.

'Have Faith' is a breathtaking journey through the invisible undercurrent of our world, in the company of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Leonard Cohen, Jim Carrey, Karl Marx, Donald Trump, Epicurus and King Solomon.


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We may not be able to escape our human frailty, but we can find another way to perceive that frailty.
— From the book, 'HAVE FAITH'

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The Faith of Eleima is a philosophy for everyday life. Theory without practice doesn’t amount to much, and so we have to practice.

In all we do, we avoid to cause suffering. We come together and worship the Goddess in the body of the world.
Our own bodies are made for joy and so we treat them with love and care. We take no more than we need and we give to the best of our abilities.

We will not kill, not man, not beast.

We love with head and heart.
— This is how we act