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There are Gods, as anyone can see.

People are messengers to the Gods. Because we do not know how the Gods respond to our messages, we have a choice in everything we do.

Through our messages, we can make the rivers of Love and Beauty flow. When the rivers flow, the Gods smile.

These are the days of miracle and wonder.


A philosophy for daily life


Anything an individual does influences the entire world. This goes for all things bad and all things good. Upon acting, consider if suffering or happiness will result. If you think happiness will be the result of your actions, then do not hesitate to take action.



People are their body, they are not merely a head on legs. Women are not made of glass, men are not brute beasts. Men and women need to understand their bodies. The body is a source of joy. Cherish that joy!


The mystery

All that lives and dies, lives grace of something else changing its form. This constant shape-shifting is Life. The mystery of this world needs to be loved and cherished, it is what moves all the living beings.



Happiness comes as a result of action. Indolence gets you nowhere. A life of routine makes for boredom and depression. Acting with the wellbeing of the entire world on your mind, now is the time to blossom!


personal politics

A frightened life creates a frightened world. Greed leeds to greed, violence engenders more violence. In everything you do, ask yourself: Is this how I would like everyone to behave at all times?



To create a worldwide community of lovers and friends, living in the luxury of the natural world, messengers to the Gods.