Monday 9 September, 2019 •19.00 - 20.00 hrs

Inspired by ancient practices, this is a physical approach to meditative states.

We sit and meditate, then we get up and engage with each other’s energies via our hands, sacred instruments, and all of our bodies. Then we sit and meditate, and allow the Universe to touch our minds.

There is a Reality that lies beyond this all-too human enclosure, and we seek that Reality within the human enclosure. That is all, and it is everything.


What do we do?

Physical exercises and emotional states

Combining meditation and deep touch, you are invited to merge with the Universe that is you.

∆ Guided meditations

∆ Physical exercises to awaken your body

∆ We use blindfolds and rope

∆ Part of our practice is the use of the power of Sacred stones

What should you prepare for?

Things to expect

∆ An introduction into the world of Gods, Demons and spirits

∆ a search for emptiness without trying too hard

∆ intense touch

∆ emotional response

∆ a small present to take home

Things to bring

∆ loose clothes

∆ a yoga mat to sit on

∆ a blanket to wrap around you

∆ a small thing to give away

Costs: Pay as you like

(we’re not after your money, but we need to achieve our goals. Suggested payment between Eur. 5 and 15)

Start: 19.00 - End: 21.00

Location: Amsterdam, city center, the address will be emailed to you after we received your application


∆ Please be aware that this can be a very intense emotional and physical experience


Join the ritual

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It is possible, without words, to understand the experience we seek. It is possible, without words, to show that we must leave words behind.