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Mag Ela

HAVE FAITH or How To Build Your Micro-Utopia And Save The Planet

At the beginning of the 21st Century, mankind seems to be on a collision course with nature. This is a problem, because people are a part of nature, and destroying nature equals destroying mankind.

If life is to be a meaningful endeavour once more, then we have to allow for myths that can explain who we are and why we are here. Unfortunately, it seems the language has been lost with which to talk about the role that Gods and spirits play in ruling our lives.

Mag Ela writes about the new Faith that can serve as a roadmap to The Good Life. Our lives can be ruled by friendship and kindness, once we see we have a task as messengers to the Gods.

'Have Faith' is a breathtaking journey through the invisible undercurrent of our world, in the company of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Leonard Cohen, Jim Carrey, Karl Marx, Donald Trump, Epicurus and King Solomon.