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Fire is the energy that binds all things together. We need to find this energy within ourselves. Through fire we connect.

As someone long prepared for the occasion
In full command of every plan you wrecked –
Do not choose a coward’s explanation
that hides behind the cause and the effect
— (Leonard Cohen, 'Alexandra leaving')

Wherever you go, you meet people who have this sense of being cheated by the material world. Because there must be more to life than just to live it collecting things; there is more than eating your way through the wealth this existence offers.

The man-made world we live in seems an imitation of something we don't understand. This world of people feels like it is a reflection of another world, a reflection of something infinitely greater and fantastically well-thought through. And that other world is nothing like this palace of mirrors.

Some of us feel we need to break through to another world. We know we have to, but for a long time it was not clear how we can do this. These days it is finally becoming clear. We have to accept that we have animal bodies and animal desires, connected to a divine Heart.

You are a messenger to the Gods. Your life is the message. What you think, changes how you act. The Faith of Eleima shows you how to communicate with the Gods. This will make your life better - not tomorrow or next week, but right now.

There are questions that need to be answered, we are hungry for the answers. So we continue to ask the questions. The hunger is a longing and we will go to any length to still it, we will do anything either ridiculous or glorious, even though we know we won’t ever be able to still our hunger.

What we need to do is to let go of the way we are accustomed to see the world we live in. We need new questions and new answers. We need to find a new way of seeing, and we can find that way through a new faith. This faith is based on the teachings written down in the book called ‘Otropos’. There is a feeling that needs to be expressed, and it will express itself through this faith. The other world is real.

What are the questions people ask from their position in the world? Do they regret surrendering their dignity and pride? Do they love themselves or hate themselves? I don’t think they know, or it changes minute to minute. Or the question is so implicit in everything they do that they can’t get outside it to answer.
— (Don DeLillo, 'Cosmopolis')

It’s good to be here, on this earth, it’s good to be alive - but there is always that sense of not completely being here; somehow, always there is the feeling that what surrounds us is not quite real.

As we go through this world, with friends, lovers and opponents, we often find ourselves thinking of a life that takes place on a different plane of existence. A more meaningful life.

Download the manifesto. Click the picture.

Download the manifesto. Click the picture.