You need a new language

You're a babe lost in the jungle of other people's cruel desires unless you have a solid set of beliefs. The Faith of Eleima offers you the guidelines you need. The laws of Eleima show you how to live a life that would make the Gods happy, and they lead you away from conflict. These guidelines are part of the the stories and myths as told in The Otropos. They are the new words we need.


Guidelines for life

The holy book Otropos tells how the prophet Demophon returned from war. Although he knew that he was a blessed man, the battle had not left him untouched. His body was young and strong, yet he felt old and tired of life. He had seen the suffering of many and knew that he had caused this suffering. He turned to the Godess for help. He washed himself, put on a simple garment and went to the temple. There, the priestess Arethusa spoke to him.


The questions Arethusa asks

All people strive for freedom, and they are free, but this pursuit of freedom is evil if it is used to take liberty away from someone else.

People strive for a good life for themselves and their families, this pursuit is greedy. This greed is not wrong, but it is wrong if it leads to deprivation for another.

All people make sounds and this noise can be joyful; but these sounds are to be avoided if they drown out the voices of others.

The desire to eat of everything the earth has to offer is also allowed to all people, for they shall not scorn the good that is shown. But they must avoid the gluttony that disgraces the body and their gluttony shall not destroy the land.

And Arethusa asked Demophon: Have you done this?


Create order in the outer world, strive for emptiness in the inner world.

Seek The Unity in everything you do.


We may blossom again. The changes that are needed can be brought about at once through your own actions.

You are one with the living beings and all of reality. Your individual actions send messages that matter.

This will bring about a complete change of your sense of autonomy.

Demophon arrives at the temple.

The priestess Arethusa placed herself in the priest’s chair and she asked:  Oh, king of the people, you who made yourself a world of gold, what is your question?

And Demophon said: Many have gone before me and equally many have disappeared, only I have remained and have completed my journey. But it is as though I was no more than a device of my own desires. What I once deemed necessary now seems meaningless. All I can think is: Have I turned my fortune into small change?

The laws that good people observe

     Through the priestess Arethusa the goddess Eleima spoke the laws that good people observe.

Learn what can be learned, investigate everything.

Undertake all your endeavours without effort.

Do not fight for that which can be given willingly.

Be one with the people and seek no desires that harm them, because all harm shall be harm to the self.

Seek the company of honest people, do not battle the ignorant.

Treat what is smaller as that which is greater, and treat that which is greater as an equal. Treat a loved one as a friend, and an enemy as a lost friend.

Cherish the good, avoid evil.

Do not hold a grudge, for grudges obscure the sincere desires and cause the Heart to grow bitter.

Give charity if you can and do not borrow money from the rich. Do not do business with greedy people and do not entrust leadership to them.

Do not be worrisome, because a person is not determined by their worries. Worries merely take the color out of life and make all days tasteless.

Covet what you need and avoid that which is no better than what you already have.

It’s only in the limited reality of society that there are different interests turned into contradictions
— From the book 'You are a messenger to the Gods'. See page 'Downloads' for your free eBook.