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Rituals help to connect to the mystery, to ourselves and to others. Through the celebration of the ritual, the mere moment becomes a moment to treasure. Rituals give direction and purpose.

The workshops are a means to explore your practice.


Silk, stones, sweets
21 April, 2019

  • SOLD OUT -

A day of calm, awareness and deep feeling. You can find your inner strength in connection with the energy of the natural world. This day will bring you further insights into your place in the world of the Gods and Demons that surrounds you. This is a ritual of peace. We close the day with tea and home-baked sweets.

Altered states of physical being
12 May, 2019

You can be inspired by ancient shamanic practices on this day with a physical approach to meditative states. Through slow movement and intense touch you will be guided into a state of deep understanding. Using the body’s natural resoources, be prepared to leave the material world behind as you drift into an altered state. Please be aware this is a very intense ritual.

October 2019

Two days of movies, philosophy, and physical workshops. In this mini-festival you can find inspiration and insights to excite your mind and your body. Workshops will range from foot washing to yoni massage, and from birch flogging to non-violent communication strategies. Talks will include topics such as ‘Is love an emotion?’ and ‘How to build your micro-Utopia’. Further details to be announced.