Love is invisible in everything, Beauty is visible everywhere. Love wants to  connect and in that connection is Beauty. Love is a strength and not a weakness. She will connect to everything she may connect with. She shall connect to the precious and the good, and to sadness, to desire, to anger and to fear. Out of sorrow and anger worlds have been created, through desire mountains have been moved; and always there was Love and there was Beauty.

You are a messenger to the Gods. Your life is the message

Talk about love all you want, but there is more than cheap romance. We are intimately connected to a world that is completely alive. All of us can come together and create a love that may envelop the good, the bad and the ugly. Making it happen is a matter of belief. What you need are guidelines. No matter what came before, you can always be what comes next. You can be a messenger to the Gods, leading a life that has meaning.

You're not alone

Whenever you close your eyes, you feel the love flowing through you. You are connected to a world that is invisible and yet it is completely alive. The outside world is chaos and unrest, there is noise and there is fear, but on the inside - there is you. But who is the 'you' that controls the 'I'? This is the world of the Faith of Eleima. You're not alone, you never were.

Find the truth without searching for it

A world beyond words

There's a constant bombardement of images and slogans. You're told to buy your way to happiness and that you have a right to all things material. But what if - if you're honest - you merely desire to love and be loved? What if you've been misled by consumerism? What if the thing you deeply long for is something more meaningful? Wouldn't you like to find out?

Don't be afraid to believe in a greater reality, a world beyond capital and entertainment. You can overcome your fear and find your people. Because these are the people you need to connect with. Your people are right here. Come talk to us.

The real You

In Western society the emphasis is on being a better cog in a more efficient machine. So let's make this clear: there is nothing wrong with you, it's society that offers a very limited view of reality. You are not a construct, you are a world unto yourself just waiting to connect with the other worlds that are out there. You want to be loved and you will be loved.