The Faith of Eleima

will guide you back into the light

the one rule to guide your interactions

“In everything you do, further well-being and avoid suffering.”

We seek Self-determination for all. We will avoid egotism and greed, and in seeking happiness, we do not kill animals for food. The body is a portal to the Gods, to be honed and loved. Through all days, we will seek emptiness in the inside and order on the outside. Our communication is open and our ways are non-violent.


a new belief means revolution

It’s not a coincidence nature is changing all around us, this is a direct consequence of the things we have believed in and the goals society has pursued. The old ideologies have not been innocent. We need a new way to feel, think, and act - keeping what’s good and discarding what’s bad.

We need a new kind of belief, the kind where it doesn’t matter whether you believe, it merely matters if this belief gives you a solid foundation for a truly good life. We need a new foundation since the old ideologies have led us astray.

the essence of the faith of eleima

First there was nothing, then there was something. In this moment between nothing and something a Godhead was born, She is called The Unity. This Godhead has opened up and manifested herself in two ways: her body has become the Universe and her mind has become the Life Force. To the Godhead we call The Unity this birth and transformation was as mysterious as it is to us and so She started gathering information.

People are a part of the universe and our actions cause changes in the visible and in the invisible realm. The Godhead learns through these actions. People aren’t Gods and we can’t begin to imagine the way a Godhead incorporates the information given. In this fundamental lack of knowledge lies our agency.

Here on Earth we know the Godhead through the representation of other Gods: Kelaino, the God of the Material World and Eleima, the Goddess of the Invisible World. The Godhead acts by means of these two Gods. Humanity lives in the domain of three Gods, not by accident but on purpose: we are messengers to the Gods.

Action is information. Through our actions, we inform the Gods. The Gods receive our messages and transmit them to the Godhead. Because of that, we’d be wise to refrain from sending messages we may intuit to cause suffering. After all, the Godhead receives our messages and the Gods bring into practice what She has learned. Happiness furthers happiness, suffering furthers suffering - in ways we cannot predict.

The life force

All that lives stems from the earth and will return there, then arises out of the earth again. This process of continual transformation is reality, it is what the Life Force is. The consciousness of the world is the invisible manifestation of the Life Force, where the material world is the visible manifestation. The whole of our existence is a manifestation of the Life Force; our bodies, desires, and fears are all wrapped up in this.

The Life Force is a consciousness. This consciousness is out in the world, it doesn’t depend on us for its existence. However, our existence changes something in the world and so the consciousness changes with us. After all, all that is, is related to something else; everything that lives, lives because of something else that’s changing shape. The living beings are aware of what is happening in the world and they change the consciousness of the Life Force. What is happening all around us, influences our way of being; because of the consciousness changing, we are changing too.

We are not separate individuals and ‘wealth’ means sharing

We are not separate individuals, we only think so. We may think we can divide the Universe amongst ourselves, but that is clearly madness. Even the small crust of earth where we live does not belong to people. The world belongs to the Gods. People may strive for happiness through division but they will wind up unhappy by trying to hold on to something that cannot be held.

It’s not inherently human to chase after property and power. Violence and greed lead to scarcity, whereas cooperation and peace lead to abundance for everyone. After all, the earth offers everything we need in great quantities, everything we consider ‘riches’ comes from the earth. Instead of believing in greed and in antagonism between people we might learn to believe in sharing the abundance. We are capable of learning ‘wealth’ does not equal ‘property’ of scarce resources. Wealth means sharing.

The movement and the return

The body suffers in beauty, and it is finite. The body suffers the beauty, but it is finite. The body is beauty, and it is finite. The suffering is torment, but it is finite. The body suffers in beauty, because it is beautiful. The suffering is finite, and it is beautiful. The body is suffering and it is finite. The suffering is true, and it is body. The body is suffering, but it will pass.

The Unity is Love and Desire. She is man and woman, she is all that are neither man nor woman, she is all and more. She may give everything, she may receive everything. Woman and man and all that is, sacrifice to the Unity. What has been taken shall be received, what has been received shall be given. This giving and receiving is the one movement.

What is inner, is not outer. What is outer, is also inner. What is on the outside, may be on the outside. What is invisible, is not all that is invisible. The mountains of fate will make everything visible, that is fate.

What shall give, shall receive. What shall take, shall give. Where there is beauty, there needs to be beauty. Where love is, love shall go. What is good, will be. What is not good, shall pass. The good is beautiful, and it is infinite.


A very special thanks to James Andahl for providing the beautiful photography featured on this website.