A reason to believe


The world of people is a hungry world. Here today, gone tomorrow.

The world where the Gods live is eternal, but this world is a mystery to us.

We need to connect to this world of mystery. Through this connection we find our destiny.

If you feel above you there is nothing but an empty sky and below your feet there is only the hungry earth, then what are you?

Our true desires are denied to us and the denial has driven us into a world-wide depression.

Now that the future we've been promised doesn't seem so attractive anymore, what will happen to us? If all you  believe in is work and capital, it’s hard to go through the days. If you can’t believe in anything, you are lost.

You need to have Faith.


You are a messenger to the Gods

Your  actions are messages. What you think, changes how you act. The Faith of Eleima shows you how to communicate with the Gods. This will make your life better - not tomorrow or next week, but right now.