Eleima took Arethusa with her and made her a house in the tree of wisdom. She treated her like a daughter and taught her the holy rites, so that she would teach the people in the temple to preserve harmony between the Gods.

She taught her: This world that appears so real to the people, is the result of the revelation of the Unity. Everything that is stems from the Unity, is a part of the Cosmic Presence, is moved by the Gods and will return to the Unity at the end of times. What is reacts to all it touches, it can move and it is moved, it is engaged until it is disengaged. In this becoming, all are both sacrifice and sacrificer.

In the beginning, when the Unity created the universe by dividing itself, She showed that the people exist thanks to the division and during the dividing. The good will therefore continually act so as to emphasise the connection to the Unity through their own dividing. By acting carefully their own life becomes the core of all life, while always remembering that life in this reality is not the only life.

Everything a good person does is imitated by others. That is why the good have the obligation to sacrifice what they would wish for themselves and to seek the wellbeing of the world in all actions. Every sacrifice is valuable as long as it shows that one fully seeks the wellbeing of the world and the most precious offering would still be worthless if it were not given with fullest dedication.

The choice of the offering emphasises the actions of the one who shares, for a person must always see what there is and adjust the action accordingly, without attachment to the result. Some people act because they are attached to the action itself or because they think the action will lead to permanent change, but the wise act without attachment and they keep their thoughts on the wellbeing of the world at all times.

So teach the people that the strength one wishes for another, one must seek within the self. Teach them to seek patiently within themselves until their strength has formed itself into a shape one can offer to others.

When someone seeks to bring an offering in the temple, that someone must always first face the world of people. Each sacrifice is preceded by the letting go of desire. They must wash off the dust of the days, turn towards each point of the compass in turn and acknowledge that people originate from the earth. Then they must enter the temple with their hearts at peace. If inner peace has not yet been found, the bringer of the sacrifice will first examine their inner self. In the examination that precedes the offering, the good person will wonder: Was my search sincere? Have I seen the distinction between honourable desire and inattentive need? Only then will they say: Here is what I am, I give what I can, I ask not what another will gift me. And then that person will step into the temple and make the sacrifice.

Once the sacrifice has been made, the sacrificer will be at one with the sacrifice.