1. The revelation of The Unity

The Unity was a flowing ocean of darkness, which unfolded like a flower.  
The light was the First one. Out of the First came forth two gods: one was Beauty, the other was Desire. Out of Beauty and Desire came forth: earth, water, sky and fire.  
Earth, water, sky and fire, they are material and tangible, they give, they take. They feel all, they give all, they take all. The four are the eternal children. They are the visible world.
Beauty and Desire are like two streams flowing into one. From the one stream comes all that lives: the people and the beasts and the trees and all that dies and is resurrected. All that lives, lives in the light of the First, comes from the stream and returns when the time has come. The stream is the invisible world.
Earth, water, sky and fire, all that lives and all that is, all is connected to the two gods and they are connected to the First. This covenant is from time immemorial, it has always been and it will always be.

When the gods come together, the First becomes visible. The First is all that lives and dies and is eternal, She gives what She has received, She receives what She will give, She is at perfect peace. She is the Supreme Mind, a mind that will come, to which all flesh shall go. And when all that lives and all that is shall have gone there, a greater light will be visible, and in this light every shard, every drop and every heart will be as a light. The Supreme Mind will close like a gate and She will be all there is. The emptiness will be more empty still and yet fulfilled with a well-being so great that all the cosmos will be in there. And all that lives and all that is, will have its sign there and every sign shall be visible and connected to the Unity.