∆ Increased Awareness ∆ Deeper insight ∆ Strength ∆ Wrapped in silk ∆ Sacred stones ∆ Enter the spirit world ∆ A ritual


Silk, Stones & Sweets

21 April, 2019

Ever had the feeling you would like to escape the current way of living, but you don't know where to start? Do you feel there must be a different kind of world, but it's just above your head. Then come to this workshop, and see how you can build your inner micro-Utopia.

‘Silk, Stones & Sweets’ is a gentle day of meditation and of developing a greater awareness. This is a day-long retreat into a quiet place. The aim is to find a sense of connection between all participants, using natural sources of energy. Part of the day will be dedicated to developing a sensitive attitude, so that the life of the immaterial world can be experienced.

Working with silk and stones, you will be shown techniques that open a door to a sensory experience of the conscious body. You can find inner peace in connection with the energy of the natural world.

This day will bring you new insights into the ways you can experience your place in the world of Gods and Demons surrounding you. Giving your body a new sensitivity, as well as giving the whole of you a greater sense of belonging.

We close the day with a ritual of tea and home-baked sweets.

What are we going to do?

Physical exercises and a warm sense of being

This day will be spent awakening and activating the natural resources your body holds. Combining guided meditation and partner exercises, you are invited to investigate a lush world of sensory experience.

∆ Guided meditations to find a relaxed state

∆ Physical excercises that will leave you panting

∆ Sensuous connection through stones and silk

∆ Intense foot massage

∆ Wrap you in a silk cocoon

What should you prepare for?

Things to bring

∆ loose clothes

∆ a yoga mat to sit on

∆ a blanket to wrap around you

∆ a bottle of water and your own cup

Things to expect

∆ An introduction into the world of Gods, Demons and spirits

∆ intense touch

∆ emotional response

Costs: €65/person

Start: 10.30 - End: 17.00

Location: Amsterdam, city center, the address will be emailed to you

Including: tea and water, and

a beautiful selection of home-baked sweets




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This world we think of as 'our world' is not ours at all, it's a mystery. We glimpse something we merely hope to understand. We have to learn to navigate the mystery in a way that directly connects us to ourselves and to the others. There are many realities and many different worlds. It’s possible to change the way we see things and explore new possibilities. Do it now, because if not now, when?