Your body is a portal, your mind is merely a part of your body.

A workshop to expand your inner world and improve life on the outside

The body is a portal through which the visible world communicates with the invisible forces that shape your experience.

We offer an afternoon of presence and silence, with physical exercises and emotional connection, designed to investigate boundaries and expand awareness. Using techniques inspired by meditation, tantra, martial arts, and ancient mystery cults, this workshop shows you ways to search for the mystery that lies hidden behind what we think of as reality.

In this intimate workshop we will investigate the interaction between the outside world and your inner life. The workshop will include a range of physical excercises, guided meditation, sensory deprivation and conscious touch. You will be used as a muscial instrument. Be prepared to be intellectually, emotionally and physically challenged.

Reality is a concept, but you are not. It’s time to experiment and discover what you may find inside.

It’s important to have the impression of something unknowable. You needs to sense you live in a world that is mysterious in some way.
— Carl Jung, 'Memories, Dreams, Reflections'
Your body is a portal, your mind is merely a part of your body.

…it’s like mindfulness and a rite of passage… a violent expedition into a quiet place… offering physical intimacy and emotional connection… beyond words… giving participants a new found courage… love, laugh, explore, and be welcomed into emptiness…

This world we think of as 'our world' is not ours at all, it's a mystery. We glimpse something we merely pretend to understand. We have to learn to navigate the mystery in a way that directly connects us to ourselves and to the others. There are many realities and many different worlds. It’s possible to change the way we see things and explore new possibilities. Let’s do it now, because if not now, when?