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You're a living being in a world that is completely alive


Finding peace, one Utopia at a time

Within the old books, we have to conceive of a new book. As reasonable, sentient beings, we have to expose and undermine the structures that are erected along the current road to nowhere. That very road itself needs to be broken into pieces, so that it can no longer cover up the river of love.

We can’t merely set up another society with a different government, we need to talk about how to re-organise society so that it becomes clear for all to see that violence does not serve us. And so, we need to change from the kind of people that we have been into a new kind of people.

The Faith is a tool to enable this change. It offers a language with which to communicate with each other, with ourselves, and with the Gods and Demons that rule our lives. By adopting the notion of a world of spirits within us and outside of us, yet independent from us as well, it becomes possible to imagine a completely new way of being.

In essence, The Faith wants to rewrite the Book of Longing. We may not be able to escape our human frailty, but we can find another way to perceive that frailty. We have the capacity to cause great suffering as well as to cause great happiness, so why not choose happiness and leave suffering behind? You are offered hope, why choose despair?

If you’re thinking this sounds suspiciously like searching for a new Utopia, consider this. Why would striving for Utopia be less worthy than this so-called ‘realism’ that is touted by people who are either scared or are engaged in the political professions?

The term ‘Utopia’ does not have to be a hindrance towards achieving a more peaceful society on a blossoming planet. It’s just a word, except that it’s a word that points towards a brighter future.

You are the face you see in the mirror, as well as the beating heart you feel on the inside. You are the laughter that suddenly bursts out, and you are the tears that well up in your eyes when you look at a picture of something that you think you’ve lost. You are a person at work, and you are that person asleep in your bed. You are your own feelings of nostalgia for an age yet to come. You are not at the mercy of anything, and you can transform into anyone you desire, even when it doesn’t always feel that way.

Assuming this goes for all the others as well, in order to achieve any meaningful change, all these images need to add up into a conscious ideal. I imagine this ideal as a person that at their heart holds the notion of an intimate connection to the world of the Gods. When that intimate sense of connection comes together into a single image, it might be thought of as ‘the temple’.

Sad to say, it’s not very likely that a worldwide Utopia can be achieved in the foreseeable future. A first step will have to be a reduction of scale. Even though I’d like this movement to be a worldwide realisation that we have collectively been led astray, change takes time. First, we need to build temples of the mind, before we can build the new temples where people get together and lead the good life.

We can conceive of the temples as micro-Utopias. The temples can be wherever small groups of people come together to try out for a new way of being. There can be a micro-Utopia when three or four people get together and sit in silence, holding hands, then maybe hold a little ritual such as dedicating the afternoon tea to the Gods. Just be together and be intimate, share the warmth of a body, then get back to the outside world again, knowing that there is a quieter way of being just waiting for you.

The micro-Utopia is you.

The Life Force is the Consciousness of the world, it is the Supreme Mind. As people, we can connect to the Life Force through our bodies, the very things that make us human. We can fuse our consciousness with each other and collectively connect to the Life Force. Through this connection we gain a greater consciousness, that may in turn inform the Supreme Mind. This will bring us peace.

The Supreme Mind is a Godhead in the process of learning. She wants to become ever more conscious. It is our task to help the Godhead through connection.

Things that seemed to be solid are not
Dance to the day when fear is gone
Change is now
— (Roger McGuin, Chris Hillman - 'Change is now')

It's time to re-examine the way we live. There is a greater reality you can connect to, this is the world of the Gods. Now more than ever, you need to have faith, a new faith that can lead us out of the darkness and into the light. The Faith of Eleima can help all of us to redefine our emotional, moral and even physical needs.

To step into that greater reality, you need to decide what's good and discard the rest. Find your people. Forget about the world of entertainment that pulls the wool over your eyes. This is the Faith of Eleima - through the teachings of the Faith you can connect to the world of the Gods. Let reality be your guide.

You can reconnect to the peace and quiet that was once available to everyone, you just need to find what is you and what is the outside world coming at you instead.

Don't be afraid to admit you're scared. We're all scared. There is a way out of the madness surrounding us. There is so much beauty and love really is all around! All you need to do is open your eyes to the real world and change everything.

The entertainment that surrounds us also changes us. Instead of being endlessly entertained by the common ideology, you need to become your own entertainment.

Maybe you’re in Australia
Maybe even on the coast
Disguised in regalia
And making the most of the most
Of a bad situation
Made bitter by the grace,
Discovering new love in an unanticipated place
— Howe Gelb, 'Terribly so'

You know you can lead a good and fulfilling life. Why let the man-made world be your only reality? There is great beauty to be found once you step out of this very limited world of fashion, politics and money - and step into another world.

Society has gone astray and the way out of the madness is through finding your way into the world of the Mystery. As an individual you send out messages through your actions. So make sure that your actions are worthwhile and that your intentions are good.