All people are reborn each moment, with a different past each time, and the Goddess is present at every birth. After she had left the temple, Eleima went to the sea. She said: The key to the future need not be sought, for everyone shall receive the key in every new moment. Every new moment there is a door that can be unlatched and once that door opens, there is the chance to pass the threshold and do something that has never been done before.

A person seldom knows what the choices are, they see the door but not the opening, they know the past and search there for answers to future questions. Those who see the questions but not the present can easily lose themselves. Those who seek only answers and cannot leave a single question unanswered are like a ship with nothing but anchors.

The answers and the questions that are important originate outside of the body and find their likeness in the body. They exist within the body and seek the liberty to be without words. By looking within the body with the means that exist outside of the body, a world becomes visible that precedes the word.

Eleima walked past a house where three men were standing. Upon her passing they addressed her. One of them said: We are the last of this city, after us there are none. These fields were once full of grain and a family lived in every house, now the fields are barren and the people have gone. Who knows where they have gone, who knows what will become of us? You who has come from afar, do not pass us by unobserved.

A second man supplemented his words by saying: I was a father, I was a husband and a friend. With my boat I sailed the seas and I caught as much fish as I needed and no more. I fulfilled my duties and there was joy in fulfilling my duties. Now my son has left for a more fertile region, my wife has died and there is no one left that I am responsible for. What is left to me are these men I call friends, although we seldom speak. You, who has come from afar, do not pass us by unobserved.

Finally the third man came forward, and he said: On this earth the people are but servants of the Gods, we must show ourselves worthy of this world’s glory day after day. Wars are being waged, but not by us. We are not the slaves of the warmongers. We do not go into battle like mute animals in service of the evil that dominates us, we are the masters of our own destinies. We are the creation of the mother-god, we live our lives and we can be the best we can be or the worst we can imagine. But here, in this desert, we lack the power to be anything other than men desperately persisting. You, blessed creature who has come from afar, do not pass us by unobserved.

Eleima looked upon them and she became aware of a hunger within her body. The men were old and young, they were still strong enough to strive for good lives yet experienced enough not to want too much for themselves. The skin that overlaid their muscles was as a blanket protecting the silent animal from the night; their muscles were supple and strong, capable of joining together the whole of their being and experiencing the power of the Unity as it allows itself to be known by the people on earth.

And she said to the men: The people live in the darkness of their convictions. There are many types of knowledge and the people attach themselves to them. Knowledge shapes the people, they become what they think they know. They want things they cannot grasp and understand, things they can buy and things they can repeat. Words are the means of describing the shiny things and creating the pleasure these things will bring, because as soon as there are no more words the world changes its shape. Without words there is the direct experience of a world no longer obscured by the awareness of the consciousness. In this direct experience man himself changes shape, so that he is no longer merely a body full of desires, but a wave that is absorbed into the sea of the world.

It is possible, without words, to know the understanding of the experience we must seek. It is possible, without words, to show that we must leave words behind. And it is true that it is enough to come together through nothing more than the will to be together in action. The action cannot be other than simple, it begins with seeing each other. The other not as they appear, but the whole that makes up the body, the head and the space surrounding that body. Realise that the Unity is visible in all spaces and that the Goddess does her duty in everything she does; and that the Unity is present in the merging of the spaces with all that lives and all that is.

She took off the cloth that she had wrapped around herself and put it down on the beach. In her nakedness she sat down upon it and with a gesture she invited the men to join her. She now said to them: You can seek and hope that there is something to be found. You can believe in truth, but it will be a lie to someone else. Whatever it is that you believe to be eternal and true, only through the labour of the body can the light of the Supreme Spirit shine. Share your bodies with me and let us be as one who is complete.

Without saying another word they merged their bodies and they were together for many hours. The men cast off their worries, because the body is the gate to the experience of the Unity. Their selfishness tormented them no longer, they gave what they could give to Eleima and to each other, they received what they could receive. Eleima too gave what she could give and accepted what was offered to her.

In the night Eleima left the men behind, after she had spoken to them in their dreams. She said unto them: This world is not the real one, she is in constant motion, a dividing line between what has been and the world that lies beyond it.

In this world no man can find peace by not acting on what he knows, but he must not forget what he has not learned. He who seeks to truly live, sees that life is contained within the body and that the body is not a treasure to be locked up, neither the body of a man nor the body of a woman. The body of a person is their life on earth, there is no person without this body, therefore the body must be cherished and it must be used. Within the body lies the eternal Heart, the body is always and only for the Heart that is within the body. The body in harmony with a pure Heart can do anything, knows everything, always goes where it must go. Therefore, teach your Heart and have no fear. Perform your actions with the wellbeing of others always on your mind, share what can be shared. That which is scarce will prove to be abundant. What once was plentiful will be plentiful once more.