As humans we rely on words to get our messages across. Even though it may not be a perfect tool, language can serve as a starting point on our quest. Through stories and ideas we can try to access the world that is beyond words.

The Faith of Eleima is based on the book Otropos. The Otropos tells the divine history of the world and it is a guide for this life underneath the stars.

Here is a brief overview of what you'll find there.


The love of money is the longing for unhappiness

The Godhead we call The Unity

The Otropos is the holy text of the faith. In the first book of the Otropos the story is told of the appearance of The Unity and the birth of the Gods.

When the Godhead we call The Unity came into being, her body became the Universe and her mind became the Life Force. From the Godhead came the God of the Material World and the Goddess of the Invisible World whose presence informs our lives on earth.

The Unity learns from the information she receives from all people. Through the actions of the God of the Material World and the Goddess of the Invisible World, The Unity shows what she has been taught.

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The goddess Eleima

From The Unity came her daughter Eleima. Eleima is the Goddess of the Invisible World.

Eleima guides all living beings through their lives, and when the time has come to return to The Unity, she will show the living beings how to go there in peace. She is the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

In ancient times The Goddess walked on this earth, a human amongst humans. Many stories survive from that time. These stories can be guidelines for our own lives.

Don't forget to remember what you have not yet learned

The war between the Gods

Eleima is the sister of Kelaino, the God of the Material World. Kelaino was charged with helping Eleima to guide the people, but he was jealous. In a great war, the Gods destroyed life on earth much as it had been given by the Godhead we call the Unity.

At the end of this war, the Gods struck a covenant and created a new people: the fourth people. We, the people living now, are that fourth people.

If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with