From day to day Eleima beheld the world of mankind. She saw the light of the Unity in the people, but she also saw what they let themselves be seduced by. There were many words, every person believed a truth of their own and they judged one another. Sisters sold their sisters, brothers killed their brothers, and those who were not brothers and sisters were prosecuted and tormented. False promises were made in the name of false beliefs and every promise elicited another promise, each promise more grotesque and tempting than another. Many people laboured and sighed and more and more were made to suffer to fulfil the wishes of others. The few who saw their wishes fulfilled wished fore ever more opulence and did not care for the suffering of the many. In their depravity the few promised greater and greater happiness to the many, but instead of bringing this happiness they robbed the people of what they had.

Eleima saw that the community of the people was divided. They all saw and they all heard and nothing of what they all said came together to form a unified melody. A great sadness overtook her. She saw the people and did not want to know them anymore. She did not want to hear them anymore. She wanted once more to become invisible within the confines of the world, but she was now a person among the people. So she left the city, She left the land. She sought solace in distant regions where humans do not like to go. Although She was human, she longed to be of the earth again. She wanted to be an animal and sought the company of animals.

She walked the land, She climbed the mountains. Above her head dark clouds were raging and rain beat against the rocks. The water whirled in the beds of the newly-formed rivers. Trees and plants were dragged along and whenever they got stuck between the rocks the water spattered upwards high into the sky. Birds hid in dark places where great stones had already offered them unmovable protection for many years.

Higher and higher Eleima went, farther and farther up the mountains. Her dress was a dark blue and on her feet she wore black sandals. She climbed the mountain and She herself became the mountain. She was in motion and her motion was the motion of the trees and the rocks. All around her it was quiet, the clouds lay below her and with the clouds the birds had disappeared. There was no longer any path for her to walk, she made her own path. In everything She was movement and yet She was one with the silence. Her body grew stronger and stronger and meant less and less to her, it was itself and no longer a vehicle for the Heart.

The rocks were indomitable and the weather was cold and there was nothing but the height. Eleima walked and climbed, She did not need to toil to do what was difficult, She had no aims but her will to go further. In her quest there was a great beauty, the imperfection that strives for unity. She knew She was a person among people, she knew she wanted to be a person no more. Nothing human could be denied to her yet She rejected all that was human. Her aims were true, she was true only in perpetual motion.

A day came that she could go no further. She had reached the highest summit, there were no higher mountains. Beneath her feet there was nothing but where She had already been, above her the emptiness and the stars stretched out. But She was not alone, next to her sandal crawled an animal, a small dark ant on its way to the food that was to be found even here. Even between the rocks there is food for those who seek it. The ant made her own path and Eleima followed the ant as it walked over the rocks.

The ant came to a hollow space, a cave. In front of the cave were sat a man and a woman, enveloped in a blanket. Eleima asked them why they were sitting there. The man answered: Our sister, who is dear to us, has retreated onto this mountain. We keep guard, so that someone will be here if she ever wishes to come back to us.

In the depths of the mountain Eleima saw a light and She walked towards it. She walked through a dark passageway, but She kept the light in her sight. The light grew brighter, it was a fire, and behind the bright light She saw the figure of a woman.

The woman was young and thin, her eyes were closed and she was shaking in front of the fire.

Are you cold? Eleima asked, but the woman said: My bones are thin, my skin is even thinner. Nothing can protect me and I seek no protection. It is cold for those who fear the cold. I am satisfied with all I do not have.

Eleima asked her why she lived in this cave. The woman answered that a person can learn to know that every part has its counterpart and that all knowledge can be denied. The things that are possible are possible because of the connection between what seeks and what finds, the connection between what is not or what appears not to be and what is or what appears to be. The only thing people have to oppose all their insanity and anger is their connection to what is not there. Humanity has acquired a word for emptiness and it can explain itself through this word, through this word the opposite of humanity exists. By seeing themselves as something they are not, people have the ability to get to know the world. They can measure distances, see the negative of what they see. It gives them knowledge to separate themselves from the dark. The emptiness gives the knowledge of what good deeds are. That knowledge can be many things, it can teach them temperance, it can offer protection from all the shapes the world tries to force people into. The knowledge can create a shield against the superfluous systems they use to oppress themselves. The systems of the people that press and force can offer connection and value, yet people must be protected from them. Only through the emptiness a person can see what people have designed to oppress. They oppress their social knowledge, their moral knowledge, their artistic knowledge, even though they do not want this oppression. They seek the knowledge to improve themselves, they design structures for their thoughts to roam freely, because they want to be the best they can be. But through all of this they show their weakness, the need to build defences against insecurity and their need to seek cause and effect of everything they do. That is the world, the woman said, and that is mankind.

The woman said that she had seen long ago that she only lived in this world, she could not live outside it. The world is everything, she said, and it is not enough. She closed her eyes and spoke no more.

Eleima saw her body, thin and vulnerable. She had turned away from the world of the people in order to find what it is to be a person, but everything she wanted to be was in her body, it was nowhere else. There was a great beauty hidden in her wish to learn those things that can only be experienced, the beauty of the experience that seeks nothing but itself and can only find itself and then disappears without leaving a trace.

And Eleima spoke: The memories of the people are the memories of the Gods. That was the reason I came and that is the reason I will leave again. Still, returning is not the same as never having been. While you are here you must investigate everything and be thorough, only then may you go back. The knowledge of the mystery lives within you. It is up to you to create this life by seeking the mystery. Without the mystery and the wonder there is no life. So cherish the joy, cherish the beauty of your naked body and be proud of the naked bodies of your loved ones. Go into the world and be a part of it.

I remember now why I came here and why I became human. I will take your place by this fire, and you will return to the world and be amongst the people. And when you and your loved ones finally rejoin me, together we will know the happiness of the things that have been and the good things that are still to come.

Days and nights they stayed together, the fire between them did not go out. No sounds were heard, their thoughts were calm and connected. It was dark and it became light.