After they had got to know the city, Demophon and Shtenno parted for the woods. Armed only with their bows they aimed to live off the trees and the plants and off the meat of the big animals and the small. They moved into the woods, they walked during the day where their feet took them and at night they made themselves beds in the branches of the trees.

But although they were surrounded by trees and shrubbery they found nothing edible. They knew that all animals can serve as food but they saw only shadows in the distance. It was as though the animals were showing them the way and seducing them to move deeper into the woods. Some shrubs provided them with a handful of fruit, yet they went hungry every day, so that the men walked ever on and became more and more dispirited.

Wandering thus, one night they saw a light approaching them. A man with a hooded cap, carrying a lantern, came up to meet them. He said: I am Telesphorus, the bringer of completion. I was sent to help you see what is real even as it appears unreal.

He turned around, the boys quickly got up and followed. After walking long hours, they heard music in the distance and surprised they rushed towards it. The music sounded to them like the songs of the Gods, but they also heard drums that made the leaves on the trees shake. The sounds seemed to beckon them and they ran deeper into the woods to discover the source.

They saw a meadow where people were dancing around a bonfire, men and women and others neither fully man nor woman. In a field deer were resting, in the trees they saw birds with their wings spread out as a blanket for their young. A man was sat at the side with his eyes closed and a smile on his lips. Occasionally he looked up and one of his companions would hand him a bowl. In the moonlight the people watched him drink and the liquid flowed through him like gold. Sometimes he was like a man, sometimes like a woman. His attachment was not to his shape, his desire was aimed solely at the wellbeing of those who surrounded him.

Then he noticed the boys and called out to them. And he spoke: I am Eleutherios, the people you see here are all friends. You have travelled a great distance, that much is clear, and you must be hungry, that much is clear also. We have been expecting you, yet we will not fulfil your wishes until you have said what it is that you seek. If your search is sincere, the answers are everywhere and every answer is good; but if your search cannot lead to peace you will have to continue travelling.

And he handed each of them a bowl of tea, of which they drank. Then the boys sat down in the grass and they saw their company at one with the sounds and the trees. They also saw that the animals had no other desires than the humans and that the people shall not harm them. And Shtenno lay himself down, his head resting in Demophon’s lap, and Eleutherios revealed to Demophon many secrets.

In the middle of the night Demophon opened his eyes and he saw that twelve men had joined the company. They sat to the side of the Liberator, who spoke: No man shall find peace while these twelve are left wanting, nor when their companions are left wanting, nor their children nor the women who are with them.

Demophon asked: How can that be when the world is divided and each person must keep watch over their own home? Must everybody labour for everybody else?

The Liberator answered: Look around you. Here you see people who make their lives together with the others. They look for peace, even as in life they will partake in everything. They are liberated of the urge to be the same person each day. They know that they are part of a fragmented world, they are fragments amidst fragments. They know that they will be taken up again into the whole, they are preparing for this. The whole desires to be one again. He who sees this and acts upon it shall be shattered and become whole again.