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“What is this thing we call ‘living’? - we are obviously alive, but being alive is not the same thing as LIVING. It seems to me that ‘living’ means having a deep CONNECTION to the world. Not just knowing that there is a whole world outside of you, but really FEELING that you are connected to that world. To deeply sense that you are a living being, a person with a body. After all, there is a whole world inside of you, as well.

We are living in dangerous times. Depression is spreading all over the world, and this is because all of us sense that humanity has lost its way. As a society, we are wandering around aimlessly, while the forces of industry are burning down the planet that sustains all of us. We need to lead simpler, better lives.

Everything you see outside of you, is connected to this world that is living inside of you. I am convinced that when you experience the fulness of yourself, you begin to understand the true nature of the world. And when you understand the splendours of this Earth living inside of you - indeed, of this Universe - you will change. This understanding will lead you to a new kind of happiness.

When we explore the outside of the body, something happens on the inside, too. The mystery of touch helps you to get in contact with the mystery that is YOU - and when you begin to feel the mysteries that live on the inside, that is also when you begin to understand the mysteries of THE UNIVERSE.

Men and women need to understand THE LIFE of their bodies. We all are sentient creatures, with an enormous capacity for loving and understanding all things and all people and all animals. Humans need to feel loved and that they themselves are LOVING.

LIVING is about establishing loving connections. Living is about feeling that you are not outside of this world, but you are a part of it instead. Living is about truly, completely FEELING that you are a body that is connected to a world that is COMPLETELY ALIVE. Living is about feeling that you are a body connected to all the other bodies and all the other minds.

It is my belief that this sense of connection has been lost. And I believe that part of the solution to the problems we face, is by reconnecting to this magnificent thing that each of us has been given: a body. Getting in touch with the Universe inside of you, can help you understand your true desires. Your true nature is your enormous capacity for loving and understanding EVERYTHING.

Never underestimate the power of ONE PERSON CHANGING.

- Mag Ela



Beauty lives on the inside, but it is touched on the outside.

A mind that is at ease, radiates beauty.

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The power of love.

Love is the connection between the possible and the impossible. It is the link between the world you see and the invisible world. Love is not a sweet little thing, it is a mighty force.

As Love moves through you, you become a powerful being.

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Inside of you lives the Eternal Heart.

You can call it ‘Atman’, or your ‘soul’, or your ‘spirit’. You can even call it ‘the real you’. It is the essence of the living thing that you are. The Eternal Heart is your connection to the Universe.


All things are possible.

You’re not a human being on a spiritual quest, but you are a spiritual being on a human quest. You can be everything and nothing, and you can be all that exists in-between.

You can have the full experience of life.

You are invited to take a different path. Come and feel the whole of the beautiful being that you are. When you change, all the world changes around you.


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