You can touch upon the Consciousness that surrounds you.

• The body is a portal through which the God of the Material world communicates with the Goddess of the Invisible world

• touch creates awareness, as shamans and priests have always known

• through conscious touch you can find concentration and ecstasy hidden within

• you can travel with the Gods and take your body with you!

It’s important to have the impression of something unknowable. You need to sense you live in a world that is mysterious in some way.
— Carl Jung, 'Memories, Dreams, Reflections'

This world we think of as 'our world' is not ours at all, it's a mystery. We glimpse something we merely pretend to understand. We have to learn to navigate the mystery in a way that directly connects us to ourselves and to the others. There are many realities and many different worlds. It’s possible to change the way we see things and explore new possibilities. do it now, because if not now, when?