People are a body. Free your body, free your mind.

Please be aware, this is a very intense two-day workshop. We work with practices that have roots in Shamanism, Tantra, Martial Arts, BDSM, and Trance-inducing practices. There will be physical connection, and you may find the excercises emotionally challenging.

Please, do not join if you are not comfortable with either touching or being touched.


A cleansing of the soul

  • Physical meditation

  • touch to find a new intimacy

  • connect to the energy of the Earth

If you feel there is always something just out of reach, and you can almost see what it is, then you want to join this intense weekend.


Spiritual regeneration

Your body is the portal where the material world and the invisible world touch. When you explore this, you will find you can touch the invisible world.

Your spirit is free to roam, when your body is set free.

The body suffers in beauty, and it is finite. The body suffers the beauty, but it is finite. The body is beauty, and it is finite. The suffering is torment, but it is finite. The body suffers in beauty, because it is beautiful. The suffering is finite, and it is beautiful.


Doing what?

  • Physical excercises to help you concentrate on your body movements

  • Excercise to create a greater awareness of space

  • Use your hands to explore the energy of the others

  • Guided meditation for deep relaxation

  • Use ‘stone whips’ to induce the natural ‘feel-good drugs’ your body produces

  • Dance

  • Chant

The Two-day Intensive is an initiation. You can discover new ways of being. You can use your body to connect to the greater energy of the Consciousness of the World.



Man is a body that thinks. Thought makes the body small, the body thinks the mind infinite.

The body thinks the thinking. Body and mind are one and learn from each other. The body is the gate to the place where thoughts are made.

The Eternal Heart lives where the body lives, but she is not the body. She is the water that shall return to the ocean. The Heart shows what is great and will always be great.

The Heart always returns to the Perfection, even when she makes the body her home. In her shall be Beauty and Desire.



More details soon!