Deep living and altered states

Free your mind, free your body. Use the resources you have, then think. Discover new ways of being. You can use the freedom you feel you carry inside of you. You are strong and beautiful. You converse with Gods.


A cleansing of the soul

When a society has lost the language to talk about the shadow world, this does not mean the invisible world has disappeared, not as a symbol nor as a reality. All the ungodly lack of conversational skills reveals is that dangerous beliefs have taken the place of constructive symbolism, and conversely, dangerous symbolism has taken the place of constructive beliefs. Taking this realisation into the modern-day world, it becomes clear that we need to find the lost knowledge of an invisible world that either sustains us, or that is out for our destruction. Without that knowledge, we are at the mercy of forces we have no control over.

If you feel there is always something just out of reach, and every day you know you can almost see what it is, then you want to join this intense weekend.

What needs to give, shall give. What needs to receive, shall receive. What needs to be emptied, may not flow over. Giving and receiving are what is, but not all there is. What has been given, is not what has been received. What has been received, is not what is given.


Spiritual regeneration

The Godhead we call The Unity is Love and Desire. She is man and woman, she is all that are neither man nor woman, she is all and more. She may give everything, she may receive everything. Woman and man and all that is, sacrifice to the Unity. What has been taken shall be received, what has been received shall be given. This giving and receiving is the one movement.

The body suffers in beauty, and it is finite. The body suffers the beauty, but it is finite. The body is beauty, and it is finite. The suffering is torment, but it is finite. The body suffers in beauty, because it is beautiful. The suffering is finite, and it is beautiful.


Holiday in outer space

What has been thought is not the body, and it is not true. In truth lies the body, without having been thought. She is true, she has not been thought. She is not body.

What shall give, shall receive. What shall take, shall give. Where there is beauty, there needs to be beauty. Where love is, love shall go. What is good, will be. What is not good, shall pass. The good is beautiful, and it is infinite.



Man is a body that thinks. Thought makes the body small, the body thinks the mind infinite. In the confinement of the body Mankind thinks itself the centre of the world. But the world of the people is not the world of the Gods, the people are in-between. The people are of the Gods, they come from them and they return to them, but they are not Gods.

The body thinks the thinking. Body and mind are one and learn from each other. The body is the gate to the place where thoughts are made. Thinking is like a fire that burns ever brighter. The body has ignited the fire and will not extinguish it. Those who hear and judge the thoughts, are the same ones that can’t ignore the thoughts. The thoughts are themselves until they part for the return to the Unity.

The undying and unmovable Heart lives where the body lives, but she is not the body. She is the water that shall return to the ocean. The Heart shows what is great and will always be great. The Heart is of the Unity, she comes from Her, returns to Her, and will part from Her again. The light will shine, it won’t ever not shine.

The Heart always returns to the Perfection, even when she makes the body her home. In her shall be Beauty and Desire.



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