Love is all around you

Love is all around you

You know you can lead a good and fulfilling life. Why let the man-made world be your only reality? There is great beauty to be found once you step out of this very limited world of fashion, politics and money - and step into a greater reality.

Society has gone astray and the way out of the madness is through finding your way into the world of the Mystery. As an individual you send out messages through your actions. So make sure that your actions are worthwhile and that your intentions are good.

We all need help. This website is dedicated to helping you reconnect with the peace and quiet that was once available to everyone. This is the Faith of Eleima - through the teachings of the Faith you can connect to the reality of the Gods. Let reality be your guide.

Be welcome!

Maybe you’re in Australia
Maybe even on the coast
Disguised in regalia
And making the most of the most
Of a bad situation
Made bitter by the grace,
Discovering new love in an unanticipated place
— (Howe Gelb - 'Terribly so')

In this video Mag Ela talks about understanding that all of us are messengers to the Gods. This means that our actions are messages, and so we need to think about how to send the good messages.