It was George Michael who sang ‘You gotta have Faith’ - now it’s your turn to follow his lead…

The Faith of Eleima has at its heart the revelation of the Godhead we call The Unity. The presence of The Unity means we’ve got to have faith in our ability to change our beliefs.


why faith?

You can’t just oppose the world, you have to know what you positively stand for. You need Faith to be able to act in a way that causes meaningful change. That’s why you gotta have Faith.

Faith needs to be distinguished from belief. This is because faith is intrinsically motivational. ‘Faith’ means commitment, desires, obedience, plans and motivational stances, pro-attitudes, and a disposition to act.

The Faith of Eleima is a tool to get out of the disturbing organisation of society. We all know there is madness all around - The Faith shows you the way to sanity.

We are surrounded by forces we do not understand. If you don’t have faith in anything, then how are you getting through your days? Have faith in the Goddess Eleima.