The Faith of Eleima is a philosophy for everyday life, dedicated to the teachings of Mag Ela. We need a better way of living. We want a revolution of the Heart and the Mind.

Our Mission is to create a community of lovers and friends living a life that is truly luxurious.

We need to create an abundance of kindness and friendship under the guidance of the Goddess Eleima. The House of Eleima aims to create financial, logistical and ethical resources to help people and to protect nature.

This is what we believe:

At the beginning of time stands Olitis, the Godhead we call The Unity. From The Unity have come Kelaino, the God of the Material World; and Eleima, the Goddess of the Invisible World.

Kelaino was jealous of Eleima and in a great war between these Gods, life on earth was nearly destroyed. When the Gods finally made their peace, they created a new race of people. We are that people, the fourth race of mankind.

In this world we battle against the Snake of Chaos. While doing battle, we send messages to the Gods. Our messages teach the Gods, and the Gods show us what they have learned, so that we may learn from the Gods.

At the end of time, the Goddess will guide the people back to The Unity. The fragmented world will be made whole again. There will be a greater peace, and all people will be like stars in the brow of the Godhead we call The Unity.

Living by the guidelines the Goddess Eleima has given in the holy book Otropos, we will create order where there is chaos. When we do this, here on earth, we can have a taste of the life that awaits us at the end of time.


Do not believe that the future is fixed, do not despair that the future is uncertain. The future is neither entirely dependent upon us, nor is it entirely independent from us. Focus your attention on your good labour not on its fruits. Let attachment go and regard success as equal to failure, without suffering from a lack of vigour. Transcend contradictions and direct your attention to the Heart at the centre.
— From the book Otropos, 'The desire for the material world'

These are the guidelines we live by:

  • Learn what can be learned, and in this learning lies the reward. Do not fear the things that cannot be learned but come only with experience. Seek the experience, investigate everything.

  • Undertake all your endeavours without effort. Do not fight for that which can be given willingly.

  • Be one with the people and seek no desires that harm them, because all harm shall be harm to the self.

  • Seek the company of good people, do not battle the ignorant.

  • Treat all that lives and all that is as equal. Treat what is smaller as that which is greater, and treat that which is greater as a loved one. Treat a loved one as a friend, and an enemy as a lost friend.

  • Do not hold a grudge, for grudges obscure the sincere desires and cause the Heart to grow bitter.

  • Give charity if you can and do not borrow money from the rich. Do not do business with greedy people and do not entrust leadership to them.

  • Do not be worrisome, because a person is not determined by their worries. Worries merely take the colour out of life and make all days tasteless.

  • Covet what you need and avoid that which is no better than what you already have.

  • Cherish the good, avoid evil.