You're out in the world.

You're out in the world, living your life. You're there, walking around, reading, looking at the sky and wondering if you should go out. You've felt better, but then you probably also felt much worse. You're not doing so bad, it's just that there's always something rumbling like thunder on the horizon.

Are you lost?

There is an emptiness, a hollow feeling. You can think it is you, or let it be whatever. But then, who is the 'you' that feels something, or observes the person feeling? There is someone living inside the body that is your body; and because you are your body, therefore you're a body that generates feelings and thoughts, but is that really 'you'? Anyone can get lost in the business of living as though we're all merely fragments of an 'I' floating through an unknowable Universe of 'you'. We are a mystery unto ourselves. What is there of substance to hold on to? 



When you think of yourself as a single individual amongst strangers, even the sunniest places are forever cold and lonely, so you shouldn't let yourself be numbed by these beliefs of a man-made world. We feel welcomed into the world only through connection. A connection to the reality of the Gods. Inside of you, you carry a fragment of the Divine. Now is the time to realise this.

It is through the Gods that we are connected to the mystery of the life that surrounds us.


The West is in trouble. Depending on your beliefs, you may think this is a good thing, but it is not. As the West is struggling, the rest of the world is suffering. No matter how good any individual may be at heart, collectively wo/mankind is striking at the very thing we depend upon.

Forces out there in the dark are using people to propagate their own longings. People can be anything, good or bad, but ‘the evil spirits’ can only be evil spirits and they can only strive for the spreading of Evil. The invisible world shelters many other spirits as well, which need our help as much as we need theirs. To remedy what has gone wrong, we need a new language, because we can only think about our actions if we have words to think with. This new language is The Faith of Eleima.

The Faith is a tool to enable this change. It offers a language with which to communicate with each other, with ourselves, and with the Gods and Demons that rule our lives. By adopting the notion of a world of spirits within us and outside of us, yet independent from us as well, it becomes possible to imagine a completely new way of being. We have the capacity to cause great suffering as well as to cause great happiness, so why not choose happiness and leave suffering behind? You are offered hope, why choose despair? We can use this Faith-tool to understand what we’re dealing with, in order to be able to protect ourselves while we’re in the business of creating The Good Life.

If you’re thinking this sounds suspiciously like searching for a new Utopia, consider this. Why would striving for Utopia be less worthy than this so-called ‘realism’ that is touted by people who are either scared or engaged in the political professions? After all, what is termed ‘realism’ doesn’t offer a solution, nor does it show an alternative. What really is Real, is the problematic state of our planet, and the loss of any kind of framework to alter that reality. The term ‘Utopia’ on the other hand, does not have to be a hindrance towards achieving a more peaceful society on a blossoming planet. It’s just a word, except that it’s a word that points towards a brighter future.


Do not believe that the future is fixed, do not despair that the future is uncertain. The future is neither entirely dependent upon us, nor is it entirely independent from us. Focus your attention on your good labour not on its fruits. Let attachment go and regard success as equal to failure, without suffering from a lack of vigour. Transcend contradictions and direct your attention to the Heart at the centre.
— From the book Otropos