Why faith?

You can’t just oppose the world, you have to know what you positively stand for. You need Faith to be able to act in a way that causes meaningful change.

Faith needs to be distinguished from belief. This is because faith is intrinsically motivational. ‘Faith’ means commitment, desires, plans and motivational stances, positive attitudes, and a disposition to act.

The Faith of Eleima is a tool to get out of the disturbing organisation of society. We all know there is madness all around - The Faith shows you the way back to sanity.

We are surrounded by forces we do not understand, be they Demons or spirits. Put your trust in the Goddess Eleima.

At the beginning of time stands the Godhead we call The Unity. From The Unity have come Kelaino, the God of the Material World; and Eleima, the Goddess of the Invisible World.

Kelaino was jealous of Eleima and in a great war between these Gods, life on earth was nearly destroyed. When the Gods finally made their peace, they created a new race of people. We are that people, the fourth race of mankind.

In this world we battle against the Snake of Chaos. While doing battle, we send messages to the Gods. Our messages teach the Gods, and the Gods show us what they have learned, so that we may learn from the Gods.

At the end of time, the Goddess will guide the people back to The Unity. The fragmented world will be made whole again. There will be a greater peace, and all people will be like stars in the brow of the Godhead we call The Unity.

Living by the guidelines the Goddess Eleima has given in the holy book Otropos, we will create order where there is chaos. When we do this, here on earth, we can have a taste of the life that awaits us at the end of time.


The Faith of Eleima is a philosophy for everyday life. Theory without practice doesn’t amount to much, and so we have to practice.

In all we do, we avoid causing suffering. We come together and worship the Goddess in the body of the world. Our own bodies are made for joy and so we treat them with love and care. We take no more than we need and we give to the best of our abilities. We will not kill, not man, not beast. We love with head and heart.
— This is how we act

Our actions are messages to the Gods. Through these messages the Gods learn and they then show us what they have learned. We have to show the Gods what the good life consists of, so that the Gods may show us how to lead that good life once again. By following the example of the Goddess Eleima, we will know how to act.
— This is what we believe

• to show kindness and friendship towards all living beings

• to be proud of your naked body

• to seek order on the outside and emptiness on the inside

• to remember the consciousness of this world in all you do

• to live in the reality of the Gods
— This is what we want

When the Godhead was born, Her body became the Universe and her mind became the Life Force. To the Godhead this birth was as much of a mystery as it is to us. Now the Godhead is trying to learn. We are messengers to the Gods. Our actions are the messages we deliver. The Godhead learns from our messages. Then, through the actions of the God of the Material World and the Goddess of the Invisible World, the Godhead shows to us what She has been taught. If the messages you send are good, this will make your life better - not tomorrow or next week, but right now.
— Our Faith