That I am not the one who loves –
It’s love that seizes me.
When hatred with his package comes,
You forbid delivery
— (Leonard Cohen, 'You have loved enough')

Rituals help to connect to the mystery, to ourselves and to others. Through the celebration of the ritual, the mere moment becomes a moment to treasure. Rituals give direction and purpose.

The ritual of Origin and Birth

In the book Otropos the story is told of the origin of the world when the Godhead we call The Unity came into being. From the Unity were born the gods Kelaino and Eleima. After a great war, the Gods created people. We are that people, and as we go through this life we do battle with the Snake of Chaos as we send our messages to the Gods.

In the rituals we celebrate the birth of the Godhead we call The Unity. We join are minds with the Goddess Eleima. Through the ritual we are born again, and we step into reality.


The ritual of War and Peace

Life and love are sometimes violent and strange. All that lives, lives grace of something else. Peace, love and understanding can only be gained by travelling strange and even frightening roads. In order to gain inner peace, we have to go through the ritual of outer movement. The body needs to dance and fight and love. In the ritual we can reconcile our human desires with divine needs.


The rites of summer

When the sun shines down upon us, we will sweat. The bodies will grind and the mind will flow. These bodies that came to cavort will find themselves in all of their glory. We will celebrate life, because it is good to be alive.