curiosity, tenderness, kindness, ecstasy

Within us we carry a connection to the ultimate reality of being. The ultimate reality is the Universe. The Universe is The Great Mother-Father, who begat the God of the Material World and the Goddess of the Invisible World.

We can engage with that ultimate reality through using the body as a tool for establishing meaningful connections.

We are body and mind, at once spiritual and physical. We are pure energy contained in matter.

Thoughts are a form of energy. Thoughts go out into the Universe, and the Universe changes, it learns, and then it shows to us what it has learned.

The body is a manifestation of pure energy. When we learn how to use that manifested energy for pleasure, we also learn how to use pleasure for manifesting pure energy. These mighty brains of ours, they enjoy sending out messages of pure pleasure into the Universe. Finding a perfect balance between physical being and pure pleasure is bliss.

The body is a portal to the world of the Gods. It is our task to open that portal, and to send our thoughts out into the Universe, so that the Universe may be permeated with the experience of bliss.

P: Gustav Klimt

P: Gustav Klimt