There is a Godhead we call The Unity.

She holds the beginning and the ending within.

The Goddess Eleima

The memories of the people are the memories of the Gods. That was the reason She came and that is the reason She has left again. Still, returning is not the same as never having been. While you are here you must investigate everything and be thorough, only then may you go back. The knowledge of the mystery lives within you. It is up to you to create this life by seeking the mystery. Without the mystery and the wonder there is no life. So cherish the joy, cherish the beauty of your naked body and be proud of the naked bodies of your loved ones. Go into the world and be a part of it.

Walking with the Goddess we will know the happiness of the things that have been and the good things that are still to come.

Eleutherios, the Liberator, says:

“Look around you. Here you see people who make their lives together with the others. They look for peace, even as in life they will partake in everything. They are liberated of the urge to be the same person each day. They know that they are part of a fragmented world, they are fragments amidst fragments. They know that they will be taken up again into the whole, they are preparing for this. The whole desires to be one again. He who sees this and acts upon it shall be shattered and become whole again.”


There really is a ‘Self’ and you have agency. It’s just that what’s inside of you is connected to something infinitely greater - the Self is connected to the reality of the Godhead we call The Unity. So step inside, and see how you may alter your world for the better.

There are so many ways of being, so many states we may find ourselves in, it seems so very obvious we need to expand our ways of being. Life has so much to offer, yet society offers so little of value. Is it any wonder that many people feel their lives are not making sense?

If we want to experience the fulness of life, we can’t limit our reality to the rules of society. Alongside the visible world there is an invisible world, the world of mythology and gods. What is needed is a new way of talking about life and its mysteries, a new way in to an old spirituality, a new sense of belonging.

People are here on earth for a reason, we have a task. We are messengers to the Gods. This is the Faith of Eleima. Madness surrounds us, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can become someone new.


It’s time to start feeling alright and stop feeling all wrong

I've seen the future, it is murder.jpg
Do not believe that the future is fixed, do not despair that the future is uncertain. The future is neither entirely dependent upon us, nor is it entirely independent from us. Focus your attention on your good labour not on its fruits. Let attachment go and regard success as equal to failure, without suffering from a lack of vigour. Transcend contradictions and direct your attention to the Heart at the centre.
— The Otropos, 'The desire for the material world'

In this world no one can find peace by not acting on what s/he knows, but s/he must not forget what s/he has not learned.

S/He who seeks to truly live, sees that life is contained within the body and that the body is not a treasure to be locked up, neither the body of a man nor the body of a woman. The body of a person is their life on earth, there is no person without this body, therefore the body must be cherished and it must be used. Within the body lies the eternal Heart, the body is always and only for the Heart that is within the body. The body in harmony with a pure Heart can do anything, knows everything, always goes where it must go. Therefore, teach your Heart and have no fear. Perform your actions with the wellbeing of others always on your mind, share what can be shared. That which is scarce will prove to be abundant. What once was plentiful will be plentiful once more.

Here is your crown
And your seal and rings;
And here is your love
For all things.
— (Leonard Cohen - 'Here it is')

The House of Eleima is dedicated to the teachings of Mag Ela and the holy book Otropos; inspired by texts of Leonard Cohen, Zoroaster, Epicurus, Jonathan Richman, Greek Mythology, Carl Jung, and Bob Dylan.

No need to be sad and confused, life is about furthering joy and nurturing good connections. We have everything we need at our disposal. Just collect your thoughts, read the Otropos, be kind and charitable.