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We are living in a world of Gods and Demons. It is time to act accordingly.

What you do as an individual matters. What each person does has consequences for the entire world. Through our actions we change the way we are seen and we set an example to others how they can be seen.

We need to re-define what we stand for.

That is why we need a new Faith, the Faith of Eleima.

Watch the video of Mag Ela reading the first chapter of the book 'Have Faith, or: How to build your Micro-Utopia and save the Planet'.


A revolution of the Heart and of the Mind




Our mission is to create a worldwide community of lovers and friends living in the luxury of the natural world.




- WHAT? -

The Faith of Eleima


There is a Godhead we call The Unity. From The Unity came Kelaino, the God of the Material World, and Eleima, the Goddess of the Invisible World.

Our actions are messages to the Gods. Because of these messages, the Gods learn. Then they show us what they have learned.

We have to tell the Gods what the good life consists of, so that the Gods may show us how to lead that good life once more. In dedicating our lives to the Goddess Eleima, we will know how to act.

We need to find the lost language of an invisible world.

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- HOW? -

A Philosophy

for Daily Life

It matters how we act, and our words have meaning. It matters how we think, because how we think changes how we act.

What defines us as humans, is the way we use the wealth that comes with being alive in a living world.

It’s our appreciation of happiness that shows the others who we are and what they mean to us.

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- upcoming events -


Rituals help to connect to the mystery, to ourselves and to others. Through the celebration of the ritual, the mere moment takes on meaning. Rituals give direction and purpose.

The workshops are a means to explore your practice and prepare for the rituals. They are a way to step out of this man-made world, and find a deeper understanding of reality.


An introduction to Silk and Stones
28 May, 2019

A day of calm, awareness and deep feeling. You can find your inner strength in connection with the natural energy of Silk and Stones. This day will bring you further insights into your place in the world of the Gods and Demons that surrounds you. The workshop is a preparation for a ritual of peace. We close the day with tea and home-baked sweets.

Altered states of physical being
12 June, 2019

Based on ancient shamanic practices, on this day we will use a physical approach to meditative states. Through slow movement and intense touch you will be guided into a state of deep understanding. Using the body’s natural resources, we will drift into an altered state. Please be aware that this is a very intense and intimate workshop in preparation of a rite of initiation into The Faith.

October 2019

This is a two-day workshop, for advanced practitioners and people who feel they are ready. In this intense workshop you can find inspiration and insights to help you free your mind and your body. Excercises range from foot washing to birch flogging, with alternating meditation sessions.




When a society has lost the language to talk about the shadow world, this does not mean the invisible world has disappeared.

The Gods still rule our lives. It’s just that as a society, we need to find our bearings again.

‘Faith’ means feeling secure in the knowledge that what you desire is truly good and worthwhile, and your desires will lead you to act in a manner that has the well-being of the entire world at heart.

There must be more than money, things, and war. Just take a look at the state we're in and then think if this is how you want to live. in this video Mag Ela talks about why we can't afford to be slaves to society anymore.

Change your life today

The Faith of Eleima is a philosophy for everyday life. Words without practice do not amount to much. So, come and join in our practice. Change your life today.