We carry a divine Heart inside animal bodies and we carry it into the world of the Gods.

The future is now present and the past hasn’t even begun.

When you feel life has so much to offer yet society offers so little of value… When you are searching for love in all the wrong places… When you know there is something worthwhile and good, but you can’t name it…

You are searching for the Faith of Eleima.

A new way of talking about life and its mysteries, a new way in to an old spirituality, a new sense of belonging.

People are here for a reason, we have a task. We are messengers to the Gods. Madness surrounds us, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can become someone new. You don’t have to wait - step inside, do it now.

Here is your crown
And your seal and rings;
And here is your love
For all things.
— (Leonard Cohen - 'Here it is')

So tell me what’s it all about…

The House of Eleima is dedicated to the teachings of Mag Ela; inspired by texts of Leonard Cohen, Zoroaster, Epicurus, Jonathan Richman, Greek Mythology, Carl Jung, and Bob Dylan.

It’s time to start feeling alright and stop feeling all wrong.

There really is a ‘Self’ and you have agency. It’s just that what’s inside of you is connected to something infinitely greater - the Self is connected to the reality of the Godhead we call The Unity. So step inside, and see how you may alter your world for the better.