We have animal bodies and animal desires, connected to a divine Heart


Here is your crown
And your seal and rings;
And here is your love
For all things.

Here is your cart,
And your cardboard and piss;
And here is your love
For all of this.

May everyone live,
And may everyone die.
Hello, my love,
And my love, Goodbye.
— (Leonard Cohen - 'Here it is')

It all started when…

…suddenly Jim Carrey was all over the internet blasting on about how there is no ‘self’. Then a zillion commentaters either didn’t get it or decided to act dumb, with a few opting for ‘Carreysplaining’ and looking smart. Meanwhile it seemed something interesting was happening, but it all fizzled anyway as these things are wont to do.

An opportunity was missed, and with the world in the state it is, that seemed a shame. So instead of letting it all go to waste, it seemed time to delve into the world of mystery instead.

Thing is, there really is a ‘Self’ and you are living a life. It’s just that what’s inside of you is connected to something infinitely greater - the Self is connected to the reality of the Godhead we call The Unity. So step inside, and see how you may alter your world for the better.


The House of Eleima is dedicated to the teachings of Mag Ela; inspired by texts of Leonard Cohen, Zoroaster, Epicurus, Bob Dylan, Jonathan Richman, Carl Jung, and Greek Mythology.

It’s time to start feeling alright and stop feeling all wrong.