• meditative flogging •



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a powerful experience that will help you love your body, your life, and yourself

“Glorious, exhilarating, sexy as hell, and oddly comforting. I left feeling I could fly.”

“I don’t think I ever let myself be touched in this way, and now I never want anything else. I feel I have seen the Gods smile at me. Thank you.”

“Like a mix of tantra, bdsm, and a purification ritual. You are a god!”


Inside of you lives the eternal heart

You feel it, but its music is drowned out by the noise surrounding you.

Suddenly, when nothing seems to make sense and you’re feeling lost in the crowd, you hear its beat. That’s when you know you have to start living a truth beyond reason, and you have to do it now. That’s when you realise you can no longer tolerate living a life that is not completely real.


The body is the portal, we help you get there

There is no reward without effort. So be it.

At all times, you can be Everything and Nothing, and you can be all that exists in-between. We’re here to help you remember that beauty and love are the eternal guides. You can feel their light shine on you.


When you learn, everything learns, and life is good

You can clear the cobwebs of routine away, and let the light come in. With your eyes closed, you begin to see your true purpose and destiny.

We like to help you recognise your inner beauty and to handle the strength that flows from no longer living half a life.

We believe in friendship and kindness, and we believe we are all in this adventure together.

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