Is reality?

The body is real

everything else, well, not so much

it's all smoke and mirrors

in a fantasy world.

The smoke is poisonous, though,

and you can cut your hand on a broken mirror

so, it's serious, even though it's not real.

There is chaos all around

what can you hang on to

when all that is solid

dissolves into air?

Chaos creates fear

Fear leads to anger

Anger leads to violence.

You can create order within yourself

Order creates freedom

when the rules are just

and come from love.

Love is real

but you can't touch it

You can touch the body

and feel your love.

You can be seen

you can be loved

you can be touched.

You can create order within yourself

and this order

is the feeling of loving

and being loved.

It is freedom without need.

What the body wants is real

and the body wants to be loved.

So yes, there may be chaos all around

but there is no need to be scared.

Inside of you lives the Eternal Heart.

It is your connection to what is real.

The body is real.